We need to put a focus on proficiency in key subjects like reading and math. Also, if we expect our children to succeed, our students need to develop the ability to think for themselves and begin to set goals for achievement. The past two years in the classroom were simply an emotional struggle. Understanding that our children need quality time with their friends and peers, will improve a sometimes underappreciated issue, their mental health.

We must provide support and appreciation to our teachers so we can retain our quality educators. Teachers are crucial to our children’s success and we need to support them. Public funding and other resources spent in the classroom need to include “those who partner with us to help develop our children every single day”.

We must encourage parental input. We need to build trust and a partnership with them. Parents have a right to be heard, respected and have a say in their child’s education. We are in this together!

We must help our children find all career paths that will provide short- and long-term prosperity. Our schools should offer two career directions: college degrees and vocational/trades. A 4-year degree may be suited to many students but we need to also offer vocational training and apprenticeship programs for those interested in a hands-on learning experience.


Out in the Community

I have been involved in community activities across the state for many years. I support quality education for our children, as well as fiscal responsibility at every level.